Most Sensitive Parts of a Woman's Body

If heaven and hell collide together, if light and darkness meet each other, if love and lust become communion with each other, if you counterfeit your own self, what would be the result of it. Those results are highly unimaginable. read more

A guide to the Vulva, Clitoris, Labia, Vagina, Prostate and the G-Spot area.

Girls are often taught not to refer to their sexual body parts directly and to use terms like ‘lady parts’, or ‘private parts’ or ‘down there’.  The outer sexual anatomy is called the vulva: this includes the lips (labia), pubic hair, the clitoris, the urethra, the vagina and the vaginal corona. We talk frankly and honestly here at Bish. read more

Female Sexual Organs

Sure, you’ve seen illustrations of the male and female sexual and reproductive systems. But maybe you’ve forgotten how all the moving parts work? Surf this section for a quick tour of your body - and your partner’s. read more


A woman’s/girl’s body can give her pleasurable sexual feelings, allow her to have sexual intercourse, have orgasms, become pregnant and give birth. Any girl who has begun her period can become pregnant if sperm fertilizes one of her ova (eggs) read more

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